Greenacres Primary Academy

Respect, Responsibility and Really Good Manners

Greenacres Primary Academy's Values and Vision

Our vision is to maximise every child’s potential and give every child the best possible start to their education. We passionately believe as educators, we have the power and responsibility to inspire our children to be the best they can be to enable our learners to dream big for the future whilst ensuring they are excellent ambassadors for their community.

Greenacres is a truly inclusive school that welcomes students of all abilities and backgrounds. Our aim is to create a safe, stimulating, ambitious and caring environment to enable our students to thrive and achieve excellence; to make certain our future generation have the self-confidence to use their talents and skills to become the leaders of tomorrow.

At Greenacres our dedicated, enthusiastic and deeply committed staff and partners are ambitious for our children as we wholeheartedly believe that education should be challenging, interesting and enjoyable, and should develop the increasing wide range of skills and abilities that young people need for their future whether it be further education or employment.

We are committed to:
 -Providing a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment that is at the heart of the local community.
-Developing successful, resilient and ambitious students who contribute fully to the Academy and the wider community.
- Inspiring confident young people with an aspirational attitude to ‘be the best they can be'. 

-Understanding the identity and experiences of under-represented groups including ethnicity, gender, transgender, age, disability, sexual orientation or religion.
 -Celebrating the principles of high achievement, respect and the inclusion of all students.
 -Providing a broad and balanced curriculum to prepare students to participate in a fast challenging and demanding world.
-Becoming the Academy of choice for new students within the local area

Our Core Values
Respect, Responsibility and Really Good Manners
We insist on high standards of behaviour, appearance, work ethic and respect for all to enable our staff to teach our children well so they learn to the best of their ability and leave the Academy with a first-class education.
Central to our ethos is the promotion of our school rules:




Really Good Manners

And for our staff, we hold the following values...