Greenacres Primary Academy

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Reporting Absences

Student absence

Please ring the school office every day your child will be absent from school and tell us the reason why. Children who are slightly unwell (coughs, colds, slightly raised temperature etc) are allowed into school. If your child requires medicine during school time, you can either call into school and administer the medicine to the child yourself, or you can leave the medicine in school and complete a form at reception  to give permission for us to give medicine to your child. 

Dentist, doctor and general appointments should be made out of the school day. However, we understand that this is not always possible. If it's absolutely essential for your child to take an appointment during the school day, please let the school office know and show them your appointment card. Ideally, children should come to school and get their registration mark and then be picked up and if possible, returned to school for their afternoon registration which is at 1.00pm. 

0161 770 5350

The Attendance Officer will always  follow up any unexplained absences,  so you may receive either a text, a phone call or even a home visit if we are concerned about your child's absence. 
Good attendance is crucial to progress and is directly related to success in learning.