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Our Forest School Updates


Forest Fridays! (started 2016)

Our Forest School lies in the heart of our curriculum. We fully believe that children benefit enormously, both for the learning and their mental and physical health and will always be part of our improvement plans. We are lucky enough to have our very own Forest Schools teacher at Greenacres. Mr Seville is a fully qualified forest schools expert, with a passion for anything that involves learning outdoors. He keeps our gardens tidy and well-stocked, he looks after our chickens, runs gardening club, does ground work and repairs around the school grounds. He also runs our Forest Fridays where every class, on a rota, gets to spend the whole day outdoors with a topic- themed action-packed day full of events, all carefully matched to our geography, science and history curriculum. He usually ends the day with a camp fire experience, the children make their own camp fire pizzas and sit around the fire with a song or two. 

Mr Seville also runs our 'Transformer' session for a group of children who are eager to help within their community. Every week they go to the local parks and do a litter pick and generally tidy up the area. They are all a credit to our school!

Mr Seville also runs Forest Schools at Woodlands Academy, Willowpark Academy and Waterhead Academy. 

Have a look at the photographs below to see what we get up to in our curriculum!


Year 6 WW1 Trenches

Year 1 Habitats

Year 1 Seasonal Changes

Year 1 Weather (the children made their own weather station)

Year 2- The Great Fire of London (learning how a break was made between houses to stop the fire).

Year 3- Mammals

Year 3 The Stone Age

Year 3- The Minotaur's Maze

Year 4 - Shelters and Structures

Year 5- Eastern European Folklore

Year 6 Outdoor Cooking

Year 6- Shelters

Our Chickens (June 2018)

These are our resident chickens; Mrs Cluck, Rosie and Marigold (named by the children). They love living in our free-range forest schools area and we know this because they are laying lots of eggs!

Our New Pond (September 2019)

Our expert Forest Schools Teacher, Mr Seville, has created a fantastic pond for our children to use within our school grounds. It has already been used many times this term for our ecology and biology studies where the children have been finding out what exactly has moved into our pond habitat over the summer holidays. We are very lucky to have such great resources within our school grounds!