Greenacres Primary Academy (South Pennine Academies)

Encourage, Engage, Empower

Our Reading Strategy

At Greenacres, we believe that reading is central to all learning. We seek to foster in our children a genuine love of literature and a desire to read for pleasure, educating them to be discriminating and critical readers.


Our aim is that children:

  • Gain enthusiasm and enjoyment from the written word and enrich their language and understanding
  • Have opportunities to hear a wide variety of texts read aloud
  • Have access to a wide range of reading materials in various formats
  • Appreciate that books from all genres are produced by authors, illustrators and publishers, and develop opinions about the work of these people
  • Are encouraged to use a range of reading strategies in an appropriate way
  • Offer personal and critical response to what they read
  • Are able to use their reading skills to improve their learning across the curriculum
  • Perceive research as an enjoyable and purposeful activity
  • Have opportunities to use the school and class libraries
  • Develop reading as a lifelong


Reading is taught through a combination of many of the following:

  • Reading to and with the child
  • The development of phonological awareness
  • Whole-word recognition
  • Re-telling and prediction
  • Using context, picture, syntactic and semantic clues
  • Discussing character, plot, themes and style
  • Using inference and deduction
  • Recognition of grapheme combinations
  • Development of presentation skills when reading


The timetable enables a variety of reading experiences within English lessons, in guided and shared reading sessions, discretely and in a variety of cross-curricular contexts.

Children also read individually to teachers, teaching assistants and/or visiting adults, who invite them to share and discuss their responses.

 Parents, friends, authors, illustrators and other visitors are welcomed into school to listen to children read, discuss their choices, share their own reading experiences, perform and run workshops.

The school holds an annual Poetry Slam and other whole school reading activities to stimulate the children’s interest in reading.