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#bedtimestories 2019

In Autumn 2019, as we started the new term with shifting our reading culture as our main focus, we launched our #bedtimestories project on social media. At first our members of staff modelled how they read bedtime stories at home, and not long after, videos from our families at home started flooding in! What a beautiful project; even Pie Corbett commented!


Mrs Horrocks reads to her daughter every night.

Mr Lenge reads to his daughter every night.

Mrs Thornton reads with her boys every night.

Mrs Thornton's sons read alone in bed for 30 minutes every night before they go to sleep. 

One of our fabulous parents reads with her children every night

Mrs Buckley reads to her son every night

Mrs Baynes and her daughter enjoy sharing poetry at home

Another one of our brilliant parents making sure her children read every night

Another great bedtime read... well done to this family!

Our wonderful Miss Titmuss and her Dad read together at home...

Miss Hawkins' daughter is reading the news at bedtime!

Whilst her younger brother is having a bedtime story with his mum and his dog!

Another one of our brilliant families making sure their children go to bed with a story...

Well done boys!

And our hats go off to one of our Dads! What a hero! Your son is a very lucky boy. 

And to one of our excellent Mums... well done! 

There were three in a bed and the little one said 'Roll over, roll over'

Well done girls!

Sisters reading together... well done! Look at the way the older sister is naturally questioning the younger sister!

Well done girls and Mummy! Lovely #bedtimestories