Greenacres Primary Academy

Respect, Responsibility and Really Good Manners

What is unique about Greenacres Primary Academy?

  • We have an ethos based on strong relationships and a culture of mutual respect
  • Our core values of ‘respect, ‘responsibility’ and ‘really good manners’ have been fully embedded and permeates throughout our Academy.
  • A truly inclusive and diverse school that welcomes students of all abilities.
  • The percentage of students from disadvantaged backgrounds is below national average
  • 97% of our students are from minority ethnic groups and 97% of students do not have English as their first language, which we warmly celebrate. 
  • We have more than 10 languages spoken, again, something to celebrate!
  • We are oversubscribed and the school of choice in the area with all of our Reception places being first choice, with a waiting list.

The big picture of our curriculum.

  • To give our students the opportunity to become independent and aspirational learners who think critically; foster a love for learning and are disciplined and engaged in all lessons reflecting our core values of respect, responsibility and really good manners.
  • Provide a broad, balanced, inspiring and challenging curriculum which is coherently planned and sequenced which equips our students with the relevant knowledge, skills and personal development to succeed in life.
  • To deliver a high quality education to all our students to ensure that we can say, with confidence, that we prepare all students for their next stage of education.
  • To educate, inspire and empower young people to be the next generation of leaders by instilling in to all young people a strong sense of active citizenship to bring about positive change to their communities.

How do we ensure that pupils achieve their very best in each phase and each subject?

 Our curriculum is broad and balanced.

  • We are on the 5th year curriculum journey, from when the school was internally thought to be Inadequate. 
  • We have excellent curriculum sequencing.
  • Curriculum drivers: STEM, Geography, English and Maths, all pieced together through cooperative learning. 
  • We use a high quality maths scheme.
  • We engage children and parents in frequent reading projects.
  • Our personal development for all children is very strong.
  • Our Junior Leadership team and Health Champions give pupils a voice.

Why are we doing this and why is this right for our students/community?

  • To inspire: We passionately believe that, as educators, we have the power and responsibility to inspire our students to be the best they can be - to enable our learners to pursue their dreams and become future leaders. 
  • For success: We are committed to delivering a high quality education to all our students to ensure that we can say, with confidence that we equip our children with the knowledge and skills to be prepared for secondary school life and then employment.
  • Community : We want to motivate and educate our young people into becoming thoughtful, active citizens who develop the knowledge, skills and understanding required to play a full part in society as active and responsible citizens

How do we ensure teachers extend and challenge learning in all years and subjects?

  • We have developed the 5-part lesson model.
  • We use Cooperative Learning well.
  • We have solid systems in place for knowledge retrieval.
  • We use differentiation through resources and support.
  • We always have a reading project on the go!
  • Staff use research projects annually, to improve the quality of education.
  • We use high quality questioning.
  • We use live marking.
  • We use EEF research as a basis for everything we do.
  • Learning walks are a regular feature of the school day.
  • We use a successful peer coaching model.
  • We offer high quality professional development for staff.

Which aspects of the curriculum best demonstrate what we are aiming for?

  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Maths)
  • Healthy Schools award
  • Sportsmark award- in progress
  • Geography mark award- in progress
  • Artsmark award- in progress
  • RE mark award- in progress
  • EYFS mark- in progress

In a nutshell how do we prioritise reading in our school?

  • Our curriculum includes library visits for all children
  • We have an Early Reading Leader in place, who is a strong leader
  • We have a well-stocked KS1 and KS2 library
  • Daily reading lessons
  • We have students who are Reading Ambassadors

How is learning sequenced over time in (subject/KS)?

Whole academy overview: Our curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before.

Subject curriculum maps: Each subject area has set out the essential knowledge and skills that will be taught across the whole school.

Personal Development

  • High quality extra curricular clubs and activities
  • Regular enrichment days and themed weeks in all subjects
  • Strong focus on trips and experiences which are mapped out across the school
  • Monitor jobs and responsibility opportunities for all children
  • Junior Leadership Team
  • Forest Schools focus, where students have developed it themselves
  • Daily podcasts from the students
  • Character development