Greenacres Primary Academy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don't want my children to go to school?
Attendance at school was compulsory for all children from Tuesday 1st September (except for the national lockdown in Jan-Mar 2021), and since Monday 8th March. We have put lots of measures in place to ensure that school is safe. If you do not send your child to school we will follow our attendance policy and chase up any missing children. This may result in a fine. 

Will there by breakfast club?
Breakfast club is up and running as usual, from 8.15 am. We have separated children into bubbles to ensure they do not mix. 


Will my child be taught by their usual teacher and teaching assistants?
Yes, all classes are together again with their usual teacher unless the teacher is absent, in which case we will follow usual policy and cover the class in-house where we can, or use a supply teacher where we cannot.

Will there still be work on Tapestry?
Only the usual evidence captures and assessments will be on Tapestry, as normal. If we go into a full lockdown again, or if children are isolating, then work will be sent to children via Tapestry for the children in Nursery and Reception. 

Will Google Classroom still be running for children who don't attend?
All children will be expected to attend school. However, in the event of a phase bubble being quarantined after a positive case, or in the event of individual children having to isolate or quarantine, we will provide work through Google Classroom. Google Classroom will also be used for homework and blended learning.

Will you still be following the curriculum?
Yes, we are up and running with our new, exciting curriculum. Even if we switch to remote learning, we will continue with our curriculum. 

How will you enforce social distancing in school?
We have to be honest: with the younger children, we cannot guarantee that teachers can force children to socially distance. We are putting class bubbles in place to ensure they do not mix with any other children. We aren't expected to enforce distancing, but we will remind children regularly. 

What safeguards are you putting in place to stop the potential spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19?
Before school closed, we had already put in place hygiene routines such as the increased use of hand washing facilities, hand sanitisers and reminders about social distancing. We will continue with our high standards in hand washing and hygiene. We have an isolated hospital wing in place and anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend school.

Will the school be deep-cleaned every day?
No, the school will be thoroughly cleaned everyday as normal. 

How will teachers teach if they are wearing a face mask or PPE?
Teachers are wearing face shields and face masks when they are in communal areas. They are not required to wear these in the classroom. 

What happens if someone shows the symptoms of coronavirus/COVID-19?
We are relying on parents to tell us if your child displays any of the symptoms. If we observe the symptoms in school (a persistent cough and a high temperature), we will isolate the child and call parents. Testing for coronavirus will be available locally for children, but it is up to the parents to take them for a test. 


What happens if a teacher or pupil test positive for coronavirus/COVID-19?
If anyone attached to a bubble tests positive, the whole bubble – all the children in that bubble and all the adults who have been in close contact with each other – must isolate for 10 days.


My child receives free school meals (FSM). What happens if they have to self-isolate?
The school will purchase food vouchers for a local supermarket (such as Tesco), which can be sent to your mobile phone, or printed and collected from school.