Greenacres Primary Academy

Respect, Responsibility and Really Good Manners

March 2021 Update

During the period of lockdown from January to March, our remote school was up and running for all pupils. Our teachers were busy delivering live lessons everyday, and we made sure all of our children get the devices and support they need. For some children who could still attend school, they accessed the same remote learning offer as the children at home. This was for children who need specialist teaching, children with a busy household and lack of technology, children with parents who have to go to work or children with a social worker. We are very keen to make sure that all our children get the same offer, whether they are at home or in school.


Now that schools have reopened to all pupils, we must still be vigilant to contain the virus and prevent its spread. Class closures are inevitable, although we hope to reduce the chances of this happening by continuing well-established practices such as regular handwashing, the use of hand sanitiser and the separation of children and staff into class bubbles.




Our children are staying with their own classes during the pandemic, and not mixing with anyone else. This includes breakfast club, playtimes, lesson times and lunch times. This means that the risk of the virus spreading is minimised. However, if a child does test positive, the whole class may have to isolate. Parents can help us prevent this by booking a test as soon as any symptoms are observed by any family member.

Our school rules for children during the pandemic are as follows: