Greenacres Primary Academy

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Maths Intent

At Greenacres Primary Academy, we embrace the mastery approach to teaching mathematics. Our teachers ensure that mathematical skills are taught every day following the White Rose Maths programme. They also use cross-curricular opportunities to develop pupils' mathematical fluency. Our pupils understand the importance or mathematics, are encouraged to be confident in numeracy and to apply the skills to simple problem-solving. There are extra activities throughout the year to promote mathematical skills and thinking including enrichment days. 

At Greenacres, we aim to:

-Develop a positive attitude to mathematics as an interesting and attractive subject in which all children gain some success and pleasure;

-Develop mathematical understanding through systematic direct teaching of appropriate learning objectives;

-Encourage the effective use of mathematics as a tool in a wide range of activities within school and, subsequently, adult life;

-Develop an ability in the children to: express themselves fluently, talk about the subject with assurance, use correct mathematical language and vocabulary when reasoning;

-Develop an appreciation of relationships within mathematics;

-Develop the ability to think clearly and logically with the independence of thought and flexibility of mind;

-Develop an appreciation of the creative aspects of mathematics and awareness of its aesthetic appeal;

-Develop mathematical skills and knowledge and quick recall of basic facts.

Please refer to our Maths Policy for more information.

Maths Overview

We follow the White Rose curriculum for maths using a 'Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract' method to teach mathematical concepts.

Progression document for EYFS maths

Progression document for KS1 and KS2 maths

Vocabulary for Maths