Forest Friday

We had forest Friday with Mr Seville on Friday and we explored the story of "We're going on a leaf hunt" in the morning. The children loved being outside and exploring the forest school area we have within school. For our story "we're going on a leaf hunt" we climbed a moutain (pretend), walked through a dark forest (through the trees), walked through a waterfall (the rain) and crossed a river on a boat. 

In the afternoon the children made leaf catchers to place on the bare tree, had a leaf fight (which they loved), watched bottle fireworks being set off and made pizza around the fire. 

Explore our pictures to see just how much fun Reception had with Mr Seville...

Autumn Walk

Reception have been on an Autumn walk to Lees Valley to explore the signs of Autumn.  We had lots of fun looking for the signs of autumn and ticking them off our checklists. The children discovered bare trees, colourful leaves on the ground, fungi on the trees, berries, how the weather is different and we even managed to see a squirrel rummaging through the leaves. 

Look at our photos and see if you can spot the signs of Autumn... 

100% Attendance!

Well done reception! We have talked about this all week and now we have the attendance trophy in our class... Can we keep it for another week?

Greenacres Doctors Surgery is now open.

Welcome to Reception

Over the last week the children have been settling into their new classroom very well. We have been learning about rules and boundaries within Reception. The children have been making new friends and learning to share with their new reception friends. I'm very pleased with how the children have settled into Reception and can't wait to see what this year brings. Well done reception! 


Welcome back for Autumn 2 , I hope you all enjoyed the Autumn break.  This half term we will be looking at dark, light, shadows and celebrations through our topic 'What is a shadow?'  Read through our topic letter and work alongside your child to enhance their understanding.  

Please remember to read daily with your child, it is really important that they receive regular practice and support if they are to become successful readers.  Please sign their blue reading journal each time they have read.

Many thanks for your support.

Welcome to Reception!  

This year we have a number of new families to our school and to reflect this we will be exploring a topic entitled 'Do you want to be friends?'  Please take a look at our topic letter and support your child to settle into their new school and help them with their learning.  Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Reception class staff should you need to.  

To support your child's reading at home and to work alongside our Topic, please have a look at the following website.  This site is often used in Reception when we all read together and contains books with characters in your children are already familiar with.  Perhaps you could read some of these books together at home.  The website is Oxford Owl and the address is

So far this term, we have read 'Hansel & Gretel', 'Little Red Riding Hood' and this week we will begin our work on 'The Gingerbread Man' story.  Many video links for these stories can be found on YouTube.

Try to find copies of the stories in your local library and book shops.

Our Memorable experience.... The children were given the chance to dress up, here are one or two pictures.  We noticed they were a little more adventurous in their choice of clothing when it cam to dressing up their teachers!!