Visit to Bilal Jamia Masjid Mosque

Today we visited a local Mosque. While there the children experienced what it is like when they start to go to Mosque and what they need to do while they are there. 

When we arrived at the Mosque we had to remove our shoes. We then had a look at where they would need to wash their faces, hands to elbows and feet. We also had a look at a different type of toilet that some Muslims use. 

During our visit the Imam said the Azaan for the children to listen too. Some of the children dressed in the clothing that they will be required to wear when they go to Mosque and learnt how they would worship Allah behind the Imam. 

The children received a certificate for their visit and also a little gift from the Mosque for visiting them. 

Mini beast hunt in forest school

Today the children enjoyed coming to forest school. We went on a mini beast hunt and the children had to move logs and look in the trees to find some of the mini beast. The children had a fun morning/afternoon and were really excited when we found different mini beast.

Can you spot any of the mini beast we found?


Teddy Bear Picnic

Nursery went on a teddy bear picnic on such a beautiful sunny day. As a class we discussed what we should have for our picnic that was healthy for us to eat.  The children made their own sandwiches (cheese and jam) and also tried a fruit smoothie using blueberries, strawberries, banana and low fat yoghurt. The children found the smoothie very yummy. The children also tried a different range of fruit such as: apricot, mango, pineapple, peach and apple.

Road Safety Talk

We had a lovely lady come to talk to nursery and reception about how to be safe near and on the roads. 

Shape hunt

Over the last 2 weeks we have been learning about 2d shapes such as circle, triangle, square and rectangle. Today we went on a shape hunt around the trim trail to see what shapes we could see in the environment. Can you spot any shapes?

Library Trip

Today we went to Oldham library. As a class we walked to and from the library as we will be focusing this week on keeping safe and healthy. In the library we explored the children's section and discussed which books are best for nursery children. The children had a chance to explore some of the books independently and then we read a book as a class. 

Our Spring Walk

As a class we went on a spring walk to explore how the flowers and leaves were growing and how the birds were returning after the cold winter. The children worked in pairs with a checklist looking for signs of spring. 

We started our topic by going on a minibeast safari.

Nursery's visit to Oldham Gallery