Forest Fridays


This page will keep you up to date with all the exciting activities our children do during Forest Fridays. 



8th July 2016

Reception looked at different ways of travelling and The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. They:

  • Made friendship bracelets
  • Explored the 'woods' (bushes)
  • Played team working games
  • Played hide and seek
  • Listened to Mr Seville tell us the story of 3 Billy Goats Gruff
  • Worked together to build bridges and re told/enacted the story
  • Shared camp fire cooking & snacks

A great day was had by all of us.


Year 6

17th June 2016

Year 6 enjoyed good weather during their first Forest Friday. They began by working together to try and win a strategic game called ‘Man, Mammoth, Mouse.’ It showed how similar the children were in their thinking as many games were tied, but a lot of thinking and fun was enjoyed. They learned the safety aspects of Forest School and even managed to disappear within 15 seconds - a new record! The next activity saw them learning how to tie and use two simple knots to join and support branches and sheets. Working together, describing and demonstrating helped everyone achieve the learning outcome - well done Year 6! This was then applied to building their own shelter - just in case the wind and rain came. They had two success criteria:

  1.  A shelter large enough for the whole team to get into and lie down,
  2. To be able to stand a gale and a downpour.

The shelters were presented by the pupils to one another and tested. Some were a little flimsy but all of them passed at least one of the criteria. The collaboration was excellent and the children achieved a lot before lunch.

On returning from lunch, the children were set a task to transport valuable magic water to a pipe containing their ‘magic stick.’ This stick would bring them health and happiness for a long time. Various methods were employed and a certain amount of ‘Magpieing’ helped everyone enjoy the task and ‘new leaders’ were identified through this problem solving activity. Shelters were enjoyed for a short time and minor repairs and adjustments tried out. Everything was packed away very sensibly and a great reflection time ensured all of Year 6 had a clear understanding of a challenging day. 

Year 3

10th June 2016

Year 3 had a fantastic Forest Friday! First they learned how to keep safe when exploring by practising a special call that's actually used all over the world! We then made beautiful friendship bracelets with materials found in the forest areas. Then we did a fantastic job of finding suitable places to build shelters. The children collected materials and built somewhere to keep themselves warm and dry. They then prepared some Scrumdiddlyumptious food to cook over the fire pit.


Pizza wraps with cheese, mushroom, sweetcorn and blueberries anyone?


Year 2 

20th May 2016

Here is an overview of what the children did:

  • Got dressed into waterproofs 
  • Health and safety talk
  • Tour of the forest area
  • Learned 1,2,3, where are you?
  • Hide and seek
  • Made friendship bands from happiness strands left by the Forest people
  • Helped to reconstruct the little people’s houses
  • Each group gave a presentation about their houses and listened to comments from the rest of the class regarding their likes and dislikes
  • Created dens and learnt how to make improvements to them
  • Commented on structures and tested them with a rain shower
  • Cooked pizza around the campfire and enjoyed a fruit drink
  • Reflected on the day’s learning