Complaints Procedure

Most complaints and concerns can be dealt with informally and resolved by speaking to your child's class teacher, key stage leader, Deputy Head or Head Teacher.


If you are unable to resolve matters informally then you are able to make a formal complaint in writing to the Head Teacher who will then investigate and respond to the complaint.  

If matters are still not resolved or if the complaint is about the Head Teacher then you will need to put your complaint in writing to the Chair of Governors either via the school addresses or by writing to:


Governor Support

Oldham Council

Level 4

Civic Centre

West Street




There are some school complaint matters for which the Local Authority still retains responsibility and these include complaints relating to:


  • Some admissions to schools
  • Statutory assessments of Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • School re-organisation proposals
  • Matters likely to require a Child Protection Investigation
  • Exclusion of children from school

For complaints about these matters or if you have any questions or need assistance to access the school complaint process you can contact the Senior Children's Complaints Officer by telephone on 0161 770 1129 or by email at:


You are also able to contact the Ofsted regarding any concerns about schools and can do this in the following ways:


For further information please follow the link below:

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Number of complaints 2017-18 - 

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