Curriculum DESIGN Overview

Week 1: Engage

The ‘engage’ week generates excitement and engagement for something new. The children share what they know already and decide what it is they want to discover. Children have a first-hand experience related to their topic: a trip out, a local visit or a visitor in school they will always remember. This process takes a week.



Weeks 3-4: Develop

For 3-4 weeks after this, the children acquire new knowledge. They are trained to be resilient, open minded and to persevere when mistakes are made. The research is done to answer their own questions and new skills are developed. This is our ‘develop’ section of the topic.



Week 5: Innovate

The following week after this is known as our ‘innovate’ week. Now skills have been practised, our children know they are to think about things in different ways. Thinkers keys are used, problem solving becomes more challenging and children are taught that even though mistakes aren’t as frequent, they are learning through higher order thinking skills to master the content.



Week 6: Express

Finally, we have an ‘express’ week. Our children know that teaching their new skills and knowledge to someone else allows them to embed their learning. Work is evaluated and successes are celebrated. And so the cycle continues…